The new versions of solid fuel Australian Standards AS/NZS 4012 and 4013 were published on 8th August 2014.

It is anticipated that these Standards will be called by regulations that mandate the minimum efficiencies of, and the maximum emissions from, solid fuel combustion appliances. This includes the National Construction Code (NCC).

For Australia, the Standards call for progressive tightening, with the category (a) limits expected in one year from the date of publication (8/8/2014), and the category (b) limits expected to apply five years thereafter.

Appliances for sale in the New Zealand market will proceed with just one limit for each of efficiency and emission.

In summary:

Australia New Zealand
one year
five years
4012:2014 Minimum Efficiency 55% 60% 65% (Higher under some regional plans)
4013:2014 Max Emissions: appliance without catalytic combustor 2.5g/kg 1.5g/kg 1.5g/kg (Lower under some regional plans)
4013:2014 Max Emissions: appliance with catalytic combustor 1.4g/kg 0.8g/kg 1.5g/kg (Lower under some regional plans)

Other minor variations in the Standards include:

  • Marking requirements for all models and for families of models
  • Operation of appliance fans during test
  • Inclusion of heat contribution from appliance water jackets
  • Removal of (Australian) exemption for appliances having heat output rates over 25kW, and requirement now for testing at smaller fuel loads.

For further details, please refer to the new Standards which are available through SAI Global.

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