We would like to bring your attention to a new Draft AS/NZS standard for portable air conditioners, which has no predecessor in Australia, and is now open for public comment:

  • Draft AS/NZS 3823.1.5:201X: Performance of electrical appliances – Air conditioners and heat pumps Part 1.5: Non-ducted portable air-cooled air conditioners having a single exhaust duct and non-ducted portable air-cooled heat pumps having a single exhaust duct – Testing and rating for performance

The new standard, which Vipac was involved in drafting, is in the public comment stage and due to close on 7th October 2014. If you wish, you may participate in the Public Comment process.

To participate in the public comment process:

  1. Visit Standards Australia
  2. Click on the relevant standard and follow the instructions
  3. If you are new to this process you will need to create an account, specifying a username and password.

Once you have submitted your comments, they are sent to the EL-056 Room Air Conditioners Committee for review.

Vipac has experience with testing for SEER and portable air conditioners, as well as providing a broad range of laboratory testing services from compliance testing to system design and optimisation.

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