We’d like to bring your attention to this statement, released by the WELS Regulator and expressing concern about the increased supply of non-compliant showers into the Australian market from overseas manufacturers.

Consumers are being provided with incorrect information as the showers use more water than the WELS label indicates.

The non-compliance relates to:

  • Showers not fitted with flow controllers
  • Showers not fitted with flow controllers but where flow controllers are supplied separately
  • Showers submitted with substituted flow controllers
  • Taps may also be affected

Retailers supplying non-compliant product may be contravening the Water Efficiency and Labelling Standards Act 2005 (Cth). Affected product is not legal for sale in Australia. Retailers should check shower products to ensure they are fitted with flow controllers, and contact WELS on 1800 218 478 if discussion or support is required.

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