At Vipac, we’re delighted to unveil a user-friendly calculator we’ve just built for the Australian Government’s Department of the Environment and Energy to evaluate the annual energy efficiency of Air Conditioners.

Published this week on the Government’s Energy Rating website (click here for details), Vipac’s tool provides Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) values that take into account your geographical location and environmental conditions, thereby encouraging Manufacturers to create products that better suit a consumer’s location. The SEER calculator enables immediate feedback on the unit’s energy efficiency if any of the variables change and allows instant comparison between different models and climate zones.

Vipac’s Engineers developed the SEER calculator in line with the Government’s relentless pursuit for more energy efficient Air Conditioners and more comprehensive labelling information so that consumers can make better informed point-of-sale decisions.

Put simply, when the outdoor temperature varies, so too does the energy efficiency of an Air Conditioner. This means a unit operating in Darwin is not as energy efficient as if the identical unit was operating in Tasmania, and Standards are moving to a zone-based energy efficiency labelling system to reflect this.

Vipac’s SEER calculator is of critical importance as it takes additional variables into account to give a more comprehensive understanding of how energy efficient an Air Conditioner is over the course of an entire year. It is based on existing Government-approved Standards, consolidating all of the Standards information into a user-friendly excel spreadsheet.

Vipac looks forward to continue working together with the Government to improve the energy efficiency of Australian household items to reduce both our carbon footprint and our household bills- a better outcome for our environment and our pockets alike.

Vipac’s Engineers will join Government representatives today in Sydney to introduce the calculator to the Air Conditioner and Commercial Refrigeration Advisory Committee (ACRAC).

Dr. Satya Mavuri’s held a Webinar on 11 April 2017. Click here to view the footage of his presentation.