Convention and Exhibition Centres

Acoustic design is one of the most important aspects of presentation spaces as clarity of speech is essential. Vipac utilises the latest tools available including detailed computer models to simulate the acoustic environment of convention and exhibition centres.

The acoustic environment is controlled by the performance of elements such as room shape and size, construction materials and surface finishes. The sound transmission class specification of doors, walls and ceilings, requires careful selection in order to block out unwanted noise without sacrificing other important design aspects. Consideration also needs to be given to the impact of services such as plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems as well as external noise intrusion, particularly from road traffic noise.

The sound system plays an important role in modern presentation venues. Vipac assists with tender reviews, sound system design and commissioning, utilising the most modern tools available to ensure uniformity of sound level, optimum direct-to-reverberant ratios and adequate seat coverage.

Vipac can provide advice in the following areas:

  • Control of internal noise levels
  • Sound insulation of the performance spaces
  • Façade design to minimise environmental noise intrusion
  • Detailed design of surfaces and materials
  • Detailed design of ventilation systems to minimise mechanical services noise
  • Specifications for audio visual systems if required
  • Reverberation control to improve speech intelligibility and reduce the build up of noise.

Vipac’s engineers apply their expertise to all stages of a project, from feasibility, option and concept studies through to the design, construction and operational phases.