Inter-Tenancy Noise Control

The increase of building noise regulations makes consideration of your tenants more important than ever. As the owner, complying with these standards is your responsibility. If your new floor covering fails to meet the standards, you may need to replace it with something that does- potentially a costly and laborious process.

Mitigate unnecessary costs and headaches

Arrange an inter-floor tapping test to give yourself the peace of mind about which materials to use. Our friendly, professional Acoustic Engineers will visit your home and conduct the standardised test, gather measurements from the rooms underneath and provide a report with determining data whether your new flooring materials will be accepted by the relevant regulatory body.

Please note: There is no guarantee that by simply undertaking the test, your flooring materials will pass. Our tests are unbiased and based on objective data analyses.

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Acoustics Testing Image

Acoustics Testing for floor coverings of inter-tenancy living, like apartments.

What’s involved in an inter-floor tap test?

To conduct the noise measurements, we’ll need to access the apartment directly beneath yours. Each test only takes between 30 – 45 minutes to complete, and we suggest that occupants of both apartments attend. We also need access to a 1m² area of your bottom layer floor which, in most cases, is a concrete slab that can be reached by making an incision through carpet or by removing tiles, floor boards etc.

Please note: We are not equipped to undertake these tasks and require that the 1m x 1m area of substrate floor is exposed before we can test.

4 Simple Steps

1. Contact Vipac before committing to a new type of floor covering. We offer both sound advice and obligation-free quotes.
2. Consult with the occupants of the apartment(s) directly under yours and arrange a mutually beneficial time to conduct the test.
3. Arrange for a sample of your new floor covering (including underlay) to be available before the test date. Most retailers of floor coverings will readily help with samples.
4. Ensure any existing floor covering is removed to allow a 1m² test area before the test date.


Getting it right will ensure years of enjoyable and trouble-free use of your living areas, while getting it wrong can result in costly repairs and/or replacements.

Click here to download Vipac’s Inter-Tenancy Noise Control flyer.