Sound System Design

Vipac offers consulting services in the fields of building acoustic design, noise and vibration control as well as sound system design and audio-visual systems. Acoustical consulting services are used to enhance sound within a space, to improve speech intelligibility, to ensure privacy, or to reduce noise intrusion.

Sound System Services

In conference centres, auditoria, sport centres and halls and exhibition spaces, speech intelligibility and musical clarity are of the highest importance. Vipac is involved with the design, specification and commissioning of sound systems ranging from simple public address systems to large sports venue facilities. Client needs are reviewed under consideration of the likely usage; leading to the preparation of a technical specification for the sound system, review of tenders, and on-site commissioning. Critical requirements include the achievement of the absolute sustained sound level with no clipping, uniformity of coverage, and an optimal frequency response covering the range from 20Hz to 12,000Hz. Other issues considered are channel separation, distortion, signal-to-noise ratio and direct-to-reverberant ratio.

Vipac is also involved in the specification and installation of state of the art Digital Reverberation Enhancement Systems for venues wishing to extend the envelope of use whilst bounded by architectural conditions.

For explanation of Acoustic terms please see Acoustic Glossary.