Vipac Certification Marks

For maximum reassurance to end-users, the use of Vipac’s Gas Mark labelling on all gas appliances certified by Vipac’s Gas Certification Services is mandatory. Stickers are available from Vipac or we can supply the production and approval guidelines to develop them yourself.

The information below provides additional detail on the Vipac Gas Mark and WorkSafe New Zealand – Energy Safety Gas Safety Compliance Label.

Contact us for further information or detail on certification marks.

Vipac Gas Mark

The Vipac Gas Mark (VGM) is owned by Vipac Engineers & Scientists.

Applying the VGM to gas appliances is mandatory. The mark shall be adjacent to the NZ Gas Safety Compliance Mark and be of equal size. The mark shall be permanently affixed and remain legible over the life of the appliance.

Applying the Vipac Certification Mark to packaging is recommended and the ‘mark’ must be clearly visible to the appliance installer and consumer. Additionally, the Vipac Certificate Number shall be displayed on the packaging.




WorkSafe New Zealand – Energy Safety Gas Safety Compliance Label

The New Zealand Regulations require gas appliances to be labelled with the gas safety compliance label. Refer to the Worksafe New Zealand – Energy Safety website for additional information and ‘Mark’ details.


Both compliance marks must be permanently affixed to the gas appliance and the outside of the packaging in a manner clearly visible to the appliance installer, and must remain legible and durable when tested to the relevant product standard.

When the GCM is applied to an appliance the certificate number must be displayed below the clear space directly beneath the GCM.

Product Safety

Our prime objective is safety of the certified Product. However, Product safety cannot be guaranteed by a ‘Type Test’ based certification process of an individual Product sample assessed to an industry accepted Standard. Product design, safety and ongoing compliance are the responsibility of the Certificate Holder and manufacturer.