Vipac’s new test chambers simultaneously model a range of temperature and humidity conditions allowing for controlled and effective performance testing of various types of air conditioners and heat pumps.

Paving the way for greater energy efficiency within the HVAC industry, Vipac’s new Enthalpy Test Chambers offer environmental testing facilities that can tailor to specific client’s requirements.

The purpose designed and built chambers offer two independently controlled zones to simulate a variety of environmental conditions.

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Enthalpy Chamber Picture

High quality copper pipes provide stability under extreme temperature pressure, highs and lows.

We all want HVAC systems that save energy, as more energy efficient appliances mean lower power bills. A recent Sustainability Victoria study showed that 73% of consumers prefer to buy goods from businesses that care about climate change.

Features of the Chambers

The chambers have been designed to simulate two different sets of pressure, room temperature and humidity conditions:

  • Our uniquely developed remote system enables us to manage the chamber’s operation remotely, thereby facilitating rapid changes to environmental conditions to minimise interference, maximise efficiency and reduce the test duration.
  • Small capacity units can be tested by erecting a moveable wall to create two smaller zones.
  • For bigger units, we can remove the wall entirely to create one large zone, with the adjacent balanced ambient calorimeter taking on the role of the second zone.
  • Ability to test single phase systems, three phase systems, or three single phase systems simultaneously.*
  • Highly precise temperature control is maintained to ±0.1°C.

* Three single phase systems only apply to tanks and heat pump water heaters.

Capabilities of the Chambers

With multiple variables at play, it is vital to maintain a balance during the test.

Parameter Range Stability
Dry bulb temperature in each zone -10°C to 55°C ±0.1°C
RH (Relative Humidity) in each zone 20% to 100% ± 2%
Condenser water flow: Temperature 5°C to 60°C ± 0.1°C
Condenser water flow: Flow rate 0 to 50 L/min ± 0.5%
Voltage to device under test 90 to 600V ± 1%
Heat balance 3% or better
Repeatability 1% or better
Most air conditioners tests 198 to 264 V
Heating capacity testing Up to 60kW
Cooling capacity testing Up to 50kW
Overall Chamber volume 95m3

NB: Testing outside ambient temperature range can be performed on request.

Click here to download Enthalpy Test Chambers flyer.

Enthalpy Chamber Picture

Two different tests can be run simultaneously and at different conditions, since the dividable wall allows for two Chamber zones.

What do the Chambers test?

  • Performance
  • MEPS Compliance
  • Energy Efficiency (EER for cooling, COP for heating)
  • Energy Rating Label
  • Seasonal Performance Factors
  • R&D
  • Determine unit capacities and electrical efficiencies
  • Obtain heat balances for certain units.

What types of products do the Enthalpy Chambers test?      

  • Ducted split air conditioners and heat pumps
  • Ducted packaged air conditioners and heat pumps
  • Water source heat pumps, water to air and brine to air heat pump air conditioners
  • Multi-split air conditioners (up to 2 indoor units)
  • Close control air conditioners
  • Air cooled or water cooled chillers
  • Liquid to liquid heat exchangers
  • Cassette type air conditioners
  • Solar air conditioners
  • Fan coil units
  • Hot water radiators
  • Heat pump hot water heaters
  • Liquid Chilling Packages
  • Heat pump pool heaters
  • Computer and data processing room air conditioners
Enthalpy Chamber Picture

The Chamber’s defining features include two giant silver ducts at the front, sliding doors and a moveable wall.

What tests can the Chambers undertake?

Built in accordance with International and Australian Standards, the Enthalpy Test Chambers can be used to meet GEMS (Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act) legislation, with energy labelling and performance tests that include: