Vehicle Emissions

Vipac conducts Special Exhaust Gas Emission Tests to ensure that vehicle engines are optimally adjusted to emit the lowest possible pollutant levels into the environment – for the benefit of the environment, the customer and the manufacturer.

Emissions Testing

  • Engines performance and durability
  • Raw emissions – pre and post catalyst
  • Power-train endurance on chassis dynamometer & test track
  • Emissions testing to ADR27C, 37/00, 37/01, 70/00, 79/00, 79/01, 80/00, 80/01, EURO3, EURO4
  • Exhaust emissions tests according to ECE, EPA & Japanese Regulations or customer’s requirements
  • Evaporative emissions
  • Durability of anti-pollution devices
  • Conformity of production tests
  • Fuel economy testing to AS2877