Ventilation Studies

Vipac provides a highly specialised facility for design, development and performance testing of air distribution systems and components. It is the largest independent NATA certified testing laboratory of its type in the Asia-Pacific region.

The facility can be used for:

  • Full-scale mock-ups to investigate the effectiveness of specific air distribution systems
  • Flow visualisation and video recording of smoke patterns
  • Air supply at temperatures between 2ºC to 50ºC for non-isothermal testing

This laboratory, conforming to ISO3741, is connected to a second reverberation chamber that allows the testing of insertion loss. Services include testing in accordance with ASHRAE, ARI, ADC, AMCA, ISO, BSI and Australian Standards.

  • Fan Testing (up to 500kW)
  • Air Diffusion Testing (10º to 45ºC) and ADPI
  • Sound Testing / Sound Power Determination
  • Performance Testing
  • Leakage Testing of Dampers
  • Air-Flow Visualisation
  • Measurements of flow, pressure drop and throw
  • Silencer Insertion Loss – Static and Dynamic
  • Water Penetration Testing (O/A Louvers)
  • Erosion Testing

Testing includes:

Fans, Louvres, Diffusers, Grilles, VAV Boxes (radiated/discharge), Evaporative Air Conditioners, Silencers, Jet Diffusers, Flexible Ducts, Light/Air Boots, Mixing Boxes, Fibrous Insulation and Dampers.