Vibration Condition Monitoring (VCM)

    Vibration condition monitoring (VCM) is the process of collecting periodical machine vibration data for the purpose of predictive maintenance. Vipac has over 40 years experience in VCM  providing solutions to a diverse range of machines across all segments of the power, process, petrochemical, mining and mineral processing industries.

    Machine faults such as imbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing faults can be identified through vibration condition monitoring. A key advantage of a periodical condition monitoring program is the ability to trend a machine’s vibration levels over time. This enables more accurate assessment of fault severity and can identify systematic faults.

    Vipac recommends the use of a condition monitoring program as a mechanism to reduce plant downtime due to unexpected failures and plant shutdowns. This is achieved by early identification of machine faults, particularly in critical machines, to improve maintenance scheduling and prioritisation. Fault severity can also be monitored.

    The benefits of Vipac’s Machine Condition Monitoring include:

    • Reduced maintenance costs, avoiding unnecessary periodic maintenance
    • Extended machine and component life by taking early action to reduce the operating forces
    • Preventing catastrophic failure and emergency shutdowns
    • Assist maintenance scheduling, to reduce production downtime and maximise machine availability
    • Achieving energy savings though reduced power consumption