‘Set & Forget’ Real Time Monitoring with RtiMs

Vipac has developed the RtiMS (Real-time Monitoring System) software for communication with the Larson Davis range of Sound Level Meters and Environmental Loggers. With RtiMS you can download real-time noise levels (up to 10 times per second) for display on any PC on the network, plus downloading and storing to database any statistical or interval data as soon as it becomes available on your sound level meter. RtiMS incorporates a state-of-the-art software package for the monitoring of environmental noise at remote locations, providing real-time display, audio link, downloading and storage capabilities not available in any competing products.


  • Real-time statistics updates at up to 10 Hz
  • Display of SPL at remote locations
  • Display using standalone program on any PC on the network
  • Automatic downloading of interval data
  • Connection via landline, radio modem or similar
  • Stores statistical data to standard Microsoft database
  • Supports multiple meters at separate sites – all logging in real-time
  • Provides real time audio of any selected logger at any PC on the network
  • RtiMS is part of the Bengalla Mining Company system which won the Hunter Coal Environmental Management Award

Real Time Monitoring