Dubai Sport City Cricket Stadium, UAE

Features: Dubai Sport City is a $4 billion mixed-use residential and sporting development currently under construction, with the first buildings opened in 2007. The 25,000 capacity cricket stadium can be expanded to 30,000 for larger events. Lights fixed around the entire circumference of the roof help to minimise shadows on the stadium ground.

Challenge: As the land around the stadium had not been developed, it was difficult to predict how winds in the area would interact with the surrounding environment and the stadium itself.

Vipac’s role: To conduct in-depth wind tunnel testing and analysis of structural loads, cladding pressure and pedestrian level wind comfort.

Benefit: Evaluation of wind pressures on the surfaces and forces on the supporting structures under various scenarios of possible built up surroundings allowed for optimisation of the structures and flexible membranes used. This also minimised the cost of the project and increased certainty of structural lifetime.

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