JAFZA Convention Centre, Dubai, UAE

Features: The JAFZA Convention Centre is comprised of state-ofthe- art modern business and leisure facilities. The Convention Centre is designed to accommodate the JAFZA’s business requirements, and therefore also includes a 22-outlet food court, two terrace restaurants, a fitness centre, a recreational area, retail outlets, a VIP Majlis, lecture halls, and a 4100-space car park.

Challenge:To create acoustically comfortable auditorium, convention centre and hotel facilities. To provide consultancy services in wind engineering and façade acoustics.

Vipac’s role: Vipac completed acoustic design of the auditorium and convention centre and progressed to cover design aspects of the hotel acoustics. Vipac also provided wind engineering, including cladding pressure, structural wind loads on the large roofs and both towers and environmental wind conditions evaluations.

Benefit: The state-of-the-art JAFZA Convention Centre offers optimal acoustic comfort as would be expected from a world class venue, whilst catering to the many and varied usage requirements of the facility.

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