Features:  Considered one of the largest infrastructure projects to be undertaken in 2015, this $600 million project sees the relocation of Melbourne’s wholesale fruit, vegetable and flower market from a 30 hectare site in Footscray to a 70 hectare site in Epping. It is expected to open in August 2015.

Vipac’s role: To design and install acoustic monitoring equipment and to investigate whether simulated market noise levels are compliant with the State EPA environmental noise policy (SEPP N-1).

Challenge: To create suitable noise sources to mimic the anticipated sound (since the site was not yet operational), and to decide where to install three permanent noise loggers so that the levels recorded accurately represent the market’s noise.

Benefit: Vipac’s professional consultation have given developers an understanding of the noise impact on the 600 businesses that directly utilise the facility as well as nearby residences. Vipac’s results will help Major Projects Victoria to meet the relevant design standards and regulatory requirements associated with noise during the market’s operation, providing reassurance that all actions are being taken to minimise noise.

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