Naro Assembly Hall

Features:  The newly developed hall has a 2,000 person capacity and is located within a Himalayan nunnery in Druk Amitabha Mountain, seat of the Drukpa Lineage in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Vipac’s role: To design and supervise installation of the hall’s acoustic fit-out to ensure a range of different activities is accommodated, including conferences, teachings, kungfu and cultural performances.

Challenge: Limited access to technology and materials, working in dizzying heights 1,500 metres above sea level and developing acoustic treatment that meets the needs of a variety of activities.

Benefit: Vipac engineers performed the acoustic fit-out to cater for the varying acoustical requirements without compromising the hall’s aesthetics. This included employing a novel method to maximise speech intelligibility and reduce reverberation time to ensure that speakers are clearly heard and understood during teachings and sermons.

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