Upcoming Vipac Events

SEER Calculator Webinar

We’re delighted to introduce a user-friendly calculator we’ve just built for the Australian Government to evaluate the annual energy efficiency of Air Conditioners. To help people understand how to use it, we’re running a webinar:

DATE: Tuesday 11th April
TIME: 2pm
SPEAKER: Dr. Satya Mavuri

Led by Vipac’s Air Conditioner expert, Dr. Satya Mavuri, this webinar will offer an interactive guide to using the SEER Calculator, answering any questions along the way including about the Test Standard. Once registered, you will receive the Webinar access details.

Published on the Government’s Energy Rating website, Vipac’s tool provides Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) values that take into account your geographical location and environmental conditions, thereby encouraging manufacturers to create products that better suit a consumer’s location. Click here to read the full story.


  • Enables immediate feedback on the unit’s energy efficiency if any variables change
  • Allows instant comparison between different models and climate zones
  • Assists us all in the relentless pursuit for more energy efficient A/Cs
  • Facilitates more comprehensive labelling information so that consumers can make better informed point-of-sale decisions.

Vipac specialist invited as Guest Speaker at AusFenEx 2016 Conference

One of Vipac’s building and infrastructure experts, Barry Harrington, has been invited to speak at the upcoming AusFenEx 2016 Conference. Barry will deliver a presentation titled ‘Taking the pane out of window manufacturing and installation’, leveraging almost 40 years of experience in the Built Environment in Australia and New Zealand.

Come and meet Barry as he addresses the importance of adequately testing for air and water leakages before a building is completed to avoid severe delays and superfluous costs. If a window is found to have leakages after being installed, the wall linings, plastering and painting may need to be redone which could put the project behind schedule and cost anywhere upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. For presentation details:

Date: Monday 15 August
Time: 2:40pm
Place: Gold Coast Conference & Exhibition Centre.

Click here for the full program.

Barry has developed major building solutions and techniques for landmark projects such as Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), the Gold Coast University Hospital and the Novotel Hotel in Sydney’s CBD.

This is a fantastic networking opportunity for industry professionals and Barry looks forward to meeting you then.

Architectural Design & Wind Engineering: An Integrated Approach

As part of The Australian Institute of Architects’ regular ArchiTECH presentations, Vipac will deliver a presentation explaining how architectural design and wind engineering principles are inextricably linked.

Allow them to blow away the misconception that wind testing is limited to high-rise buildings, drawing on projects ranging from a one-storey open space development, to a 6 Green Star rated, UDIA-awarded Convention Centre, to six high-rise towers joined by skywalks.

Date: Thursday 25th August, 2016
Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm
Place: The Australian Institute of Architects, Level 1, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Register: Click here: https://www.trybooking.com/MEQA

Fee: Free for members, or $30 for non-members.

We hope you can join us then.