Environmental Noise Monitor

Vipac’s environmental noise monitor provides a cost-effective, easy to use solution with real time internet monitoring capability.

Comprehensive communication capabilities including SMS and email warning services make Vipac’s Environmental Noise Monitor an ideal solution for a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Construction, demolition, blasting and tunnelling
  • Transport noise, both passby and in-vehicle
  • Ensuring building contractor compliance with noise regulations
  • Ensuring public events comply with event permits
  • Live music venues.
Vipac's Environmental Noise Monitor

Vipac’s Environmental Noise Monitor: Real-time display from logging system operating in Melbourne, Australia.


Features include:

  • Real-time noise monitoring
  • Tablet and smart phone friendly: Android, iPhone, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and more
  • Real time alerts via SMS and email, including level exceedance, tamper detection and battery levels
  • Option of creating special exceedance reports when signal levels rise above a user-set threshold – once the threshold is exceeded; the system automatically activates an MP3 recorder. The source of noise exceedance can be identified. Misinterpretations of downloaded data can be ruled out by simply listening to the sample and comparing data with actual sound
  • Website charting, download of raw data and audio/video playback of exceedances
  • Automatic online report generation
  • Secure, long term data storage
  • Powered by battery, mains power or solar-panel
  • Robust, weather resistant case (withstands heat, rain and extreme wind conditions)
  • Type 1 and 2 sound level meter options available
  • Supports calculated channels (e.g. average dBA of multiple noise sources)
  • Noise contour maps displayed over map or satellite imagery – take the noise logger system on the road and record noise over a large area
  • NTP time synchronisation to achieve high-resolution time stamping
  • Noise-source triangulation and display when multiple devices are used in concert
  • Local data storage for sites with no or poor network signal.

Technical specifications:

Sampling and real-time web site display of:

  • Noise: A-weighted dB, Leq, Lmax, Lpeak, Lmin, Ln
  • GPS: latitude/longitude/altitude, movement speed
  • Any other analogue signal
  • Any other equipment with a serial or Bluetooth interface can be supported with our in-house development team.