Fan Development and Testing

Optimisation of fan performance for both airflow and noise is a major activity of Vipac’s Fan Development Laboratory. Vipac maintains several Fan Test Rigs, which comply with the requirements of AMCA, ASHRAE, ARI, BS and AS Standards for centrifugal, axial, propeller and ceiling fans. This Fan Development Laboratory is the only independent NATA registered fan facility in the Asian-Pacific area.

Twin Reverberation Chambers, 21m in length, allow the simultaneous measurement of radiated and discharge sound power levels whilst the availability of AMCA nozzles, BS orifice plates or pitot traverse enables any flow rate to be measured at any static duty point. The availability of almost limitless power (up to 400kW) and test laboratories up to 60m in length enable almost any fan in commercial production to be tested.

Fan design for minimum noise is a major thrust in the laboratory and analytical methods such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and axial fan design using the R.A. Wallis methodology are widely adopted. Workshop facilities for prototyping and a hot test environment at 250°C complete a comprehensive support facility.

Projects have been undertaken for many of the regions fan manufacturers in a wide range of applications – from forward curved impellors in fan coil units to large jet fans and smoke exhaust fans in vehicular tunnels and mineshafts.

fan development and testing