Statistical Energy Analysis

    Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd can provide diagnosis and in-depth analysis of your product’s noise and vibration characteristics. Noise Vibration Harshness investigations are conducted using AutoSEA, the award winning CAE-software for the prediction of noise & vibration.

    Noise Vibration Harshness Design with AutoSEA

    • Noise & vibration simulation, prediction and design
    • Fully graphical, object orientated implementation of SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis)
    • Provides broadband analysis (50 -10,000Hz) and solutions at frequencies modal analysis cannot reach
    • Test compatible, test data directly transferable into model
    • Awarded SAE-A (Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia) Gold Award 1997


    • Noise & vibration reduction at design/ analysis stage, saving time and money
    • No extensive redesign of prototypes
    • Elimination of costly mistakes
    • Unique insight into the dynamic behaviour and dissipation mechanics within the structure
    • Information on energy transfer in the system

    statistical energy analysis