Fixed Site Speed and Red Light Camera System Testing

    Vipac’s Traffic Systems Group offers the following fixed site speed and red light camera system testing services:

    • Traffic planning and management
    • Physical sensor and roadway condition reporting
    • Site inventory and high definition photographic recording
    • Verification for Speed Accuracy utilising a vehicle mounted speed display and, to double-check the data, a separate infra-red speed measurement device is deployed across the measurement area.
    • Verification for Speed Reliability – long term speed measurement accuracy of normal traffic utilising a roadside mounted infra-red speed measurement device.
    • Inductive loop detection device testing
    • Piezoelectric detection device testing
    • Detection device waveform profiling
    • Sensor parameter reporting
    • Traffic signal timing testing
    • Statistical analysis and reporting
    • Vehicle characteristics profiling – vehicle classification (Austroads system)