Engineers by day, LEGO Master Builders by night

An enthusiastic bunch from Vipac were excited to discover what the World of LEGO had on display at an adult only night at Chadstone recently.

Vipac engineering team visit LEGO LAND

Vipac engineering team visit LEGO LAND at Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne.


“There was a maze of fun and learning, but we rushed passed the rides and LEGO pits to get to the Build-Your-Own area.” said one keen participant. “Sitting at a children-sized table with small chairs, we built our own skyscrapers, applying our engineering knowledge and principles to test our structures against the heightened force of ‘Earthquake Tables’. We were all thankful this mock-up version was much more exaggerated than the Wind Standards we test against in our Wind Tunnel!”

Reminiscing on objects they’d built as children, they all agreed that LEGO forms the fundamental building blocks of problem-solving, a skill we’ve come to need as engineers.

Click here to watch engineers test tall buildings in the Channel 9 News feature that stresses the importance of Wind Engineering as buildings become taller and conditions windier.