Building Technology and Design

Vipac’s engineers are independent consultants who can get involved in any stage of the building and construction process - design, certification, tender preparation, construction supervision, maintenance, and remedial advice. Our flexibility allows most tests to be carried out to individual specifications, with lead times to suit client requirements.

All assessments are supported by extensive field instrumentation, advanced CAE programs and facilities, such as a boundary layer wind tunnel, various acoustic chambers, and façade and window test rigs.  Our Building Technology and Design consultants deliver internationally recognised test reports, which include detailed procedures, set-up information, and clear and concise results.

Our building components and design team offers an extensive list of services including:

Performance Testing of HVAC Components   (read more...)

Air Tightness of Buildings   (read more...)

Curtain Wall and Structural Facades Testing   (read more...)

Building Energy Rating and Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD)    (read more...)

Garage Door Testing   (read more...)

Internal Building Climate  (read more...)

Overshading, Glare and Reflection Studies   (read more...)

Solar Panel Mounting System – Physical Component Testing   (read more...)

Structural Load Testing   (read more...)

Wall and Roof Cladding   (read more...)

Weatherproofing   (read more...)

Windborne Debris Testing   (read more...)

Window and Door Testing   (read more...)

Other services Vipac offers that are related to Building Technology and Design: