Our cybersecurity team is able to perform external penetration-testing (or “pen-testing”), internal pen-testing, wireless pen-testing, vulnerability assessment, web security testing, and social engineering (which includes phishing). We make sure your security policies are sound, and test your perimeter for potential attack vectors.

Are you secured against ransomware and other malicious software?

Is your Wi-Fi network truly secure?

Does your network contain confidential or personal information?

Is your team trained to detect online scammers?

What damage can a disgruntled employee do to your organisation?

We have solutions to counter these risks — and more. The cybersecurity landscape is complex and evolves constantly. A reliable pair of hands can help to ensure your information technology and electronic infrastructure is free of unwanted vulnerabilities, and that your team is aware of the potential risks.

Members of Vipac’s cybersecurity team are Certified Ethical Hackers (CEHs) with the esteemed EC-Council. We’re accredited and trained to provide external, internal and wireless penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, web security testing, and social engineering.


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Internal penetration-testing and vulnerability assessment   (read more...)

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