Gas Technology Services

Gas Technology Services (GTS), a subsidiary of Vipac Engineers and Scientists, is an industry leader in providing support services to the Australasian gas industry. With over 150 years of cumulative gas industry experience, our team represents the greatest concentration of gas technology knowledge in Australia and can test to Australian and international standards.

Our technicians in Gas Technology Services operate under ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 Quality Assurance Standards. All of our key equipment is calibrated and certified by NATA accredited laboratories to ensure the highest levels of performance accuracy, and our procedures are audited annually.

Testing to Australian and International Standards, Vipac’s team of installation experts can provide services including:

  • Field and laboratory testing of gas measurement equipment.
  • Gas detector NATA accredited (CHEM 676) calibrations and repairs.
  • Supply, installation, maintenance and calibration of gas data loggers and flow correctors.  Read more about gas detector calibrations on our Calibration and Metrology services page.
  • Consulting on measurement systems and products, including Type Testing of gas meters.
  • Flow Computer monitoring and calibration of gas meters.
  • Supporting a range of equipment for sub-metering of gas usage.
  • Project work in all aspects of gas measurement.

Some of our gas metering services in detail:

Remote Data Collection (Telemetry)

Vipac has installed hundreds of telemetry installations around Australia, providing remote access to measurement installations.  Your data can be uploaded wirelessly into our CMRS service (see below for details), providing secure, simple access to current and historical energy usage.

Flow Computer Monitoring and Calibration

Vipac has proven excellence in metering data collection. Vipac monitors Flow Computers on behalf of gas distribution companies and gas retail businesses throughout Australia, utilising a combination of meter readers and telemetry. Flow Computers are data loggers that record and store accurate readings on gas flow, pressure and temperature.

Vipac is able to provide validation of load profiles for contract clients, assisting in energy forecasting, billing and energy provision contract negotiation.

Vipac can service all Flow Computers used in the Victorian Gas Industry. We also supply our own Flow Computer and Data Logger products.

Contract Meter Reading System (CMRS)

Vipac’s CMRS system provides all commercial gas users, who have an Interval meter installed at their premises, with access to their current and historical gas usage information.

The CMRS database has been designed by Vipac to provide all relevant trading information in a flexible format, ensuring each clients’ reporting needs are met.

CMRS is capable of handling large volumes of data at high speed, CMRS has the capability of providing clients with:

  • Comprehensive Gas Consumption reports, including scheduled reports
  • Thorough data validation and error checking
  • Audit trail log sheets of gas usage
  • Temperature, pressure, volumes and energy consumption graphs and reports
  • Individual and aggregate Meter readings and summary data for analytical purposes
  • Comparative analyses
  • Multi User functionality and access
  • High data security

If you are a registered user of the CMRS system, click here to login and view your data.

Inline Gas Loggers and Volume Correctors (VDS 846) 


  • Download the latest version of Gas Explorer, for VDS846/VDS845 volume correctors.
  • Download the legacy installer (v1.94). To install on a machine running Windows XP or earlier.
    NB: to work correctly this installer must be run from a local drive, and not a network share.
  • Download the driver for the USB radio dongle (ZigBee UZBEE+ Driver).