Performance Testing

With almost 50 years’ experience in performance testing, our engineers are experts in testing the water and energy efficiencies of a range of products, including white goods (refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers), ducted and non-ducted air-conditioners, swimming pool pumps, and electric water heaters.

Our NATA accredited laboratories are ISO/IEC 17025 and AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring our test laboratories and environmental chambers are independently audited and international best practices are followed.

Our scope of performance testing capabilities is extensive. We offer:

Compliance Testing

Compliance testing is conducted to assist an appliance to meet:

  • Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (E3) for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)
  • Energy Rating Labelling scheme Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme (WELS)
  • Energy Star Rating scheme (ESR).
  • Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) and Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme (WELS):
  • In Australia, GEMS and WELS Registers: Vipac can help Australian white-goods manufacturers register their appliances with the GEMS and WELS Regulators, upon successful completion of testing under the Energy and Water Star Rating schemes.
  • In New Zealand – Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA): Vipac can help New Zealand based white-goods manufacturers register their appliances with the Energy Efficiency & Conversion Authority (EECA), upon successful completion of testing under the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations 2002.

MEPS and Energy Labelling:

  • Vipac can test the following products that must meet Energy Labelling requirements prior to entering the Australian market:
    • Clothes washers
    • Clothes dryers
    • Dishwashers
    • Refrigerators and freezers
    • Air-conditioners
    • Electric Water Heaters
  • We also offer testing of other products under the Energy Labelling Scheme:
    • Swimming pool pump units – measurement of energy consumption and performance – expected to become mandatory in 2020

Vipac can test the following products which must meet the MEPS requirements:

    • Household refrigerators and freezers
    • Single phase air-conditioners
    • Three phase air-conditioners
    • Closed control air-conditioners
    • Electric Hot Water Heaters


Check Testing

Vipac’s NATA accredited laboratory conducts check testing as part of the E3 (Equipment Energy Efficiency) and EECA compliance program to help identify:

  • If a product’s model meets the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) level requirements.
  • Whether energy labelling accurately represents the model’s performance claims.

Stage 1 – Check Testing (mandatory)  

The Department of the Environment and Energy commissions Vipac, as an independent laboratory, to conduct testing to verify that a product on the market meets the relevant standards.

Stage 2 – Check Testing (optional if Step 1 fails);

Vipac can support manufacturers and test products which failed during Stage 1 and verify whether it meets or does not meet the relevant standard. This stage is funded by the manufacturer.


Eligibility Testing

Vipac provides eligibility and performance testing for STC entitlements to ensure Solar Water Heaters and Heat Pump Water Heaters meet the requirements under the Clean Energy Regulator and Essential Services Commission.


Due Diligence Testing

Vipac offers guidance in the preparation of due diligence compliance folders, for risk management and routine quality assurance, when only a voluntary scheme exists to ensure product safety. This is strongly recommended by the ACCC.


Research & Development

Vipac can support manufacturers with R&D projects who are seeking to improve the performance and safety of their appliances before entering the Australian or New Zealand markets.


Other Testing

Vipac can perform other performance testing types, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding the effect of manufacturing tolerances,
  • Screen Testing,
  • Adding independent value to performance claims,
  • Providing design assistance for new technology ideas and comparative purposes.


Some of the products we test:

Air Conditioners

Types of air conditioners Vipac test include:

  • Non-ducted A/C units
  • Window wall mounted A/C units
  • Ducted A/C units
  • Packaged A/C units
  • Cassette type A/C units
  • Multi-split A/C units
  • Double ducted A/C units
  • Portable A/C units
  • Water cooled A/C units
  • Evaporative coolers

Vipac is an independent, NATA-accredited laboratory for testing air-conditioners to the applicable standards AS/NZS 3823, AS 2913 and relevant international standards ISO, AHRI/ANSI and GB/T.

We test numerous types of air conditioners and similar thermal products. Testing is conducted in our Balanced Ambient Calorimeter or Enthalpy Chamber, up to a capacity of 9kW and 25kW respectively, using either the calorimeter method or the air-enthalpy method.

During testing, we measure air flow, thermal capacity, electrical energy consumption including stand-by power, power factor, energy efficiency, MEPS criteria, and ERL (energy labelling).

Our NATA accreditation includes testing for the new Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) label.

Vipac can assist you in registering and selling AC units with GEMS, as well as providing an independent laboratory to conduct your R&D.


Dishwashers, Clothes Washers and Dryers, Refrigerators and Freezers

We test the energy and water efficiencies of white-goods, made for both domestic and commercial markets.

We test the appliances listed below to the following Australian and IEC standards:

  • AS/NZS 2040.1 & AS/NZS 2040.2 - Clothes washers
  • AS/NZS 2442.1 & AS/NZS 2442.2 – Clothes dryers
  • AS/NZS 2007.1 & AS/NZS 2007.2 - Dishwashers
  • AS/NZS 4474.1 & AS/NZS 4474.2; AS/NZS 4474:2018 & AS/NZS IEC 62552-1 & -2 & -3 - Refrigerators/Freezers

Vipac is NATA-accredited for all of the above tests, including the latest refrigerator standards.

Vipac is a member of the industry group CESA (Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association).


Swimming pool pumps

Vipac provides swimming pool pump testing to check for energy efficiency and performance, for GEMS registration to the latest standard AS 5102.1:2019 Performance of household electrical appliances – Swimming pool pump units – Measurement of energy consumption and performance. Check out Vipac’s full specifications for swimming pool pump testing, and how pool pumps work.

Heat Pumps and Electric Hot Water Heaters

Vipac is NATA-accredited to test heat pump hot water systems to AS/NZS 2712, AS/NZS 5125, AS/NZS 4692, and related standards.

We're also NATA-accredited to test various types of water heaters, including:

  • Electrical Water Heaters (AS/NZS 4692)
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters (AS/NZS 5125)

All of these types of water heaters also have WaterMark certification requirements to AS 3498.

Heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters are eligible for STC entitlements under the Clean Energy Regulator's Renewable Energy Target.

Other services Vipac offers that are related to Performance Testing: