Air Quality

Vipac provides air quality assessment services for councils, government departments, commercial industry, developers and contractors.

Air Quality Impact Assessments are an important environmental aspect, which is legally required to be managed by various government and regulatory bodies. They are particularly important for:

  • Development Approvals (EIS, Council Development Applications ‘DA’, Commonwealth Approvals) for mines, industry, and other developments.
  • Licencing – Regular environmental assessment as required for air quality compliance
  • Construction – Dust management plans, and construction dust monitoring
  • Mining Industry – Coal and silica dust monitoring for OHS.


Vipac offers the following services to support the management of air quality impacts:

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring   (read more...)

Real Time Web Based Dust Management System   (read more...)

Development Applications & Odour Assessments   (read more...)

Dispersion Modelling   (read more...)

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring   (read more...)

Occupational Assessments   (read more...)

Other services Vipac offers that are related to Air Quality: