HVAC testing

HVAC performance testing (or “air distribution performance testing”) is key to determining the effectiveness of specific air distribution systems. Our independent and NATA-accredited Air Distribution & Acoustic Laboratory is the largest in Asia-Pacific, with the ability to conduct full-scale mock-ups of various systems.

Vipac’s labs are NATA-approved and certified with ISO/IEC 17025 and AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015. This ensures our acoustic test and environmental chambers are independently audited, and that international best practices are followed.

Our Air Distribution & Acoustic Laboratory, measuring 9 m x 4.2 m, can be used to conduct full-scale mock-ups of various HVAC systems. It’s large enough to allow airflow patterns to be modelled in three-dimensional space. Flow visualisation and video recording of smoke patterns can also be readily undertaken.

With a “quiet air supply,” the lab can produce measured flow rates from 10L/s to 3.500 L/s, at static pressure up to 1kPa. Air can be supplied at temperatures between 7°C and 50 °C for non-isothermal testing. Conforming to ISO 3741, it’s also connected to a second reverberation chamber (5.2 m x 5.2 m x 5.2 m), allowing for the testing of insertion and transmission loss.

Services include:

  • Testing to ASHRAE, ARI, ADC, AMCA, ISO, BSI, and Australian standards
  • Fan testing (up to 500kW)
  • Air diffusion (10°C to 45°C) and occupant comfort testing (ADPI, PMV and PPD)
  • Sound testing (sound power determination)
  • Leakage testing of smoke and fire dampers
  • Airflow visualisation
  • Measurements of flow, pressure drop and throw
  • Silencer insertion loss (static and dynamic)
  • Water penetration, discharge coefficient, and wind load testing of weather louvres

Systems and component testing:

  • Fans (design, development, and performance testing)
  • Louvres and vents (design, development, and performance testing)
  • Grille, diffusers, and other HVAC component testing
  • VAV (variable air volume) terminals (singular and multiple outlets)
  • Evaporative air-conditioners
  • Duct (silencer), including general domestic ventilation, cooling / heating, and industrial use
  • Light / air boots, and mixing boxes
  • Fibrous insulation, and dampers

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