Eq Tower Picture

Elevated living is becoming increasingly popular as cities expand upwards as well as outwards, and Melbourne is no exception. Eq. Tower is Melbourne’s hottest new residential skyscraper- boasting 633 apartments and 212 carparks. Located at 127-141 A’Beckett Street, it’s hard to miss. Not only is it one of Melbourne’s tallest buildings, its shape transitions from an hourglass to an oval.

Vipac was commissioned to provide acoustic solutions and engineering consultancy services throughout the building to ensure acoustic protection from external stimuli such as traffic noise, outdoor air conditioners and various facilities scattered throughout the property.

Vipac’s acoustics expert, Dr. Xun Li, says “What made this project so challenging was the location of the external spas and gyms vis-à-vis the apartments- namely, directly above them. We made it our number one priority that these facilities could still be enjoyed without compromising the noise for occupants below.”

Eq Tower Picture

Vipac also provided design recommendations to ensure that noise from the common areas (e.g. karaoke suites, dining and lounge areas) and machines (e.g. exhaust fans, chillers and boilers) met strict Victoria EPA regulations, ensuring occupants from neighbouring apartments get the rest they need.

Vipac’s prompt acoustic solutions helped ensure the project ran smoothly and was constructed in just 29 months (including demolition) – a far cry from the usual story. It’s buildings like this that give Melbourne its reputation as the world’s most liveable city.