Wednesday 20 December, 2017

The Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists AIOH 2017 Conference

Two of our Acoustic and Vibration Engineers, Dr. Peter Teague and Vasos Alexandrou, made forays to Canberra from 2- 6 December to join the likes of consultants, researchers, practitioners, regulators and educators at the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) 2017 Conference to discuss ways we can work together to minimise occupational health and safety risks.

Peter and Vasos delivered the following two papers:

1. ‘Demonstration of Measurable Improvements from an Evaluation of an Occupational Noise Exposure Reduction Project in Defence’
Working in partnership with the Department of Defence, Vipac engineers developed and implemented a 7 year noise exposure reduction plan across Defence facilities which led to improved noise controls and management across the whole of Defence. This paper demonstrated real evidence-based improvements in many areas of Defence operations which approaches world’s best practice.

2. ‘Statistical Evaluation of Noise Dosimetry Samples across a Wide Range of Similar Exposure Groups’
The Australian mining and Defence industries are renowned for having some of the highest levels of lost time and paid compensation due to occupational noise exposure and noise-induced health effects. In response to this widely recognised problem, Vipac engineers measured over 1,000 personal noise dosimetry samples over a 7 year period, providing noise management plans along the way. This paper highlights noise dosimetry as a key occupational hygiene process that provides vital information on the health monitoring of an employee.

The AIOH 2017 conference offered a unique forum to share successful techniques, approaches and practices designed to alleviate workplace health risks. Good job, Peter and Vasos, and see you at AIOH 2018 in Melbourne!