Calibration Services

Vipac is a NATA accredited, ISO 9001/17025 compliant independent testing laboratory providing laboratory and field calibration services for a broad range of test and measurement equipment including:

  • Acoustic measuring and calibration equipment
  • Vibration measuring and calibrating equipment
  • Speed measuring devices
  • Pressure and vacuum measuring devices
  • Barometers
  • Flow measuring devices

View Vipac’s detailed NATA scope for calibrations

The Vipac advantage:

  • NATA endorsed calibration reports
  • Fast turnaround
  • Engineering expertise
  • Experienced calibration technicians
  • Dedicated customer service professionals
  • Dedicated testing laboratory
  • Collection and delivery of equipment
  • Reminder service to advise when next calibration is due
  • Fixed price quotations or service contracts


Acoustic measuring and calibration equipment Vibration measuring and calibrating equipment
Acoustic calibrators
Band pass filters
Noise dosimeters
Noise loggers
Sound level meters
Displacement tranducers
Ground vibration meters
Triaxial and single-axis accelerometers
Velocity transducers
Vibration analysers
Vibration filters
Vibration measuring systems
Vibration meters
Vibration transducers
Other vibration measuring equipment
Gas and flow measuring devices
Gas Meters
Diaphragm meters
Turbine meters
Rotary meters
Wet gas meters
Ultrasonic meters
Critical flow meters and nozzles
Orifice meters
Laminar flow elements
Sonic nozzles
Venturi meters
Mass Flow Meters/Controllers
Air Samplers
Variable Area Meters
Other devices
Bubble flow meters
Soap-film meters
Leak detectors
By-pass meters
Wet gas meters
Pressure and vacuum measuring devices
Analog pressure/vacuum gauges
Current/voltage output pressure transducers
Digital pressure indicators
Liquid-filled manometers

At Vipac, we understand the need to be fast and precise when calibrating your equipment so as not to affect your ongoing business operations.  We offer express turnaround calibration services and on-site calibration of large and fixed equipment to minimise any down time.

We calibrate all brands of equipment and can provide conformance reports to manufacturer specifications.

Our NATA accreditation reflects our high level of competence, credibility, independence and integrity as a test facility.

NATA accreditation is recognised as an indicator of technical competence and offers independent assurance to our clients that Vipac has been measured and approved against best international practice.

The Commonwealth Government of Australia uses NATA accredited facilities wherever possible, as it recognises this as one of Australia’s keys to assuring public health, safety and environmental quality.

Under a Mutual Recognition Arrangement, we are recognised internationally under the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) scheme.

Signatories to the ILAC agreement.