Expert Witness Services

Sourcing expert witnesses with specialised engineering knowledge can be time consuming. At Vipac this is a simple process as we have a large pool of expert level professionals with expertise in industry sectors including; automotive, building & infrastructure, consumer appliances, defence, laboratory & testing, mining, power, process and petrochemical and road traffic systems.

Vipac has over 40 years’ experience and many highly qualified personnel, some of whom attend court as expert witnesses. Our employees who act as expert witnesses have specialised knowledge within their respective fields. Most have had articles published in academic journals and many are qualified to PhD level.

Vipac provides support to legal professionals, insurance companies, and businesses by investigating product liability issues, and identifying the root cause of accidents, structural failures and fire incidents. As a leading engineering consultancy, Vipac was one of the first to use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in the courtroom. We also provide expert witnesses in support of Intellectual property (IP) and patent litigation.

Our experts will ensure that you, as well as a judge and jury understand all technical issues relating to our investigations by presenting them in a clear easy to understand format. We have conducted investigations and provided expert witness testimony for many organizations from business clients such as BMW to regulatory authorities such as the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Areas in which Vipac can provide you with expertise amongst others, include:

  • Appliances: fridges, freezers, air – conditioners, cooking and other appliances
  • Automotive: braking, steering, wheels
  • Buildings & Infrastructure: support structures and welds
  • Consumer goods: cots, pushers, prams, chairs, sporting equipment etc
  • Industrial: plant, machinery, pressure vessels, pumps, pipes and valves
  • Petrochemical, Power, Process, Marine, Mining and Defence