Vipac’s laboratories are National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited and ISO 9001 compliant. Vipac also has offices located in all Australian capital cities, Asia, Europe, the United States and the Middle East, as well as a full scale field testing site.


  • An onsite model design and fabrication studio
  • Two boundary layer wind tunnels that form one of the largest commercial facilities in the world
  • Two multiple CPU computer clusters for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations
  • 3D printer utilising high resolution white sandstone powder / resin


  • Australia’s only commercially available NATA accredited indoor solar simulator with maximum area 5m2 variable up to 1100W/m2
  • Solar tracker with dual axis tracking mechanism which allows high precision perpendicular and off-angle IAM testing with maximum area of 6m2
  • Outdoor test rig facilities up to maximum of 12m2 with adjustable inclination and orientation
  • Climate controlled test laboratories able to simulate extreme cold and hot conditions with simulated solar irradiance
  • Solid Fuel Laboratory (trades under Australian Combustion Technology Centre)

Solid fuel

  • Combustion calorimeter chamber
  • Dilution tunnel (for particulate sampling)
  • Test room exceeding 60m3 with temperature control system (for clearance testing)
  • High resolution thermal imaging camera


  • Wind machine capable of producing winds up to 95 k/hr
  • Laboratory grade combustion and NOx analyzers
  • Temperature hazard test rig
  • Temperature control chambers (cold and hot) for component and appliance testing
  • Endurance cycling apparatus
  • High pressure hydrostatic test equipment
  • Lint machine and test chamber
  • Test gasses, full gas meter range, sampling hoods, test pans, etc. in accordance with Australian Standard test requirements

Micro-climate and thermal comfort

  • Air Distribution Laboratory