“Toyota has commissioned Vipac to conduct  pipe thickness surveys for the whole site. The team’s performance, combining technical expertise with a constant willingness to answer questions and help with troubleshooting has been very encouraging with results always meeting our required reporting limits.”

Toyota Motor Corporation of Australia (TMCA)

“Vipac’s laboratory mock-up testing has provided significant cost and efficiency benefits for our current 150 Collins Street project. Vipac’s testing also provided sustainability and energy demand information to help with the building’s recognition through ratings such as the National Building Energy Rating Scheme (NABERS) and Green Star.”


“Vipac has been a valued partner in ensuring that our plants get back online faster and with greater reliability. Their extensive knowledge base and understanding of Origin’s safety and operational requirements have been integral to these successful outcomes.”


“I approached Vipac initially to undertake some baseline vibration analysis and noise surveys on a new 500kW pump and motor that was installed. Vipac helped me by providing professional and well qualified staff with full knowledge of the Australian standards and machine analysis. Vipac also undertook FEA modelling on the pump set once it was discovered that the vibrations were above the required limits. The result was a highly precise and easy to implement solution that fulfilled all of the requirements specified by me and my client.

One thing I liked was their approach to safety on site and the level of detail that was presented in each report and witnessed at each site visit. I found the experience highly efficient and seamless, and would recommend Vipac to people who need high quality and precise vibration consultancy services.”

CPB Black & Vaetch Joint Venture

“Vipac’s team generously offered their time, energy and attention to perform over and above the call of duty. They also consistently delivered on promises, which was a great sense of relief and reassurance to us all.”


“Within today’s economic constraints many industries will seek to engage specialist institutions such as Vipac Engineers & Scientists knowing the people within the organisation have years of industry practical experience coupled with exceptional dedication to deliverables of the project. In my experience Vipac has ticked all the boxes.”

AGL Wind Energy

“Collaborating with Vipac we were able to develop an undulating façade for the tower, which disrupts the down-ward flow of wind and mitigates against the adverse wind effects that are normally associated with tall towers of this sort. This research was vital for receiving planning consent.”

Elenberg Fraser

Team architects reclaim the city – Financial Review

“The team of experts at Vipac Engineers & Scientists have been a welcomed partnership in our endeavour for excellence. Thanks to their OHS Noise and Sound Power assessments and subsequent delivery of technical and administrative solutions, Vipac helped reduce workers’ exposure to noise.

Furthermore, in adherence to strict environmental policies, Vipac identified critical noise hazards to help protect and ensure the coexistence with local fauna. Vipac has set exceedingly high benchmarks for future OHS Assessment work and we look forward to working with them again.”

Toll Energy

For Comtruk, it was imperative that the new Sport Utility Bed (SUB) was developed to meet the performance standards expected to match the vehicle the SUB was fitted to. Therefore, we recently contracted Vipac to conduct durability testing on the SUB. In collaboration with Comtruk engineers, Vipac’s team of engineers and scientists prepared and executed a test plan that exposed the SUB to simulated severe off-road and on-road conditions using a Vipac dynamic durability test cell.

The testing was brutal and exposed a number of learnings which have now been rectified and retested. The learnings from this test and validation phase was critical to ensure the SUB met the quality performance standards expected by statutory bodies and customers. It is reassuring to know that we will launch the SUB with confidence, mitigating risk associated with potential field or warranty claims. The exercise was a great business outcome for all concerned.


See the Case Study on this Vibration Testing.

“Vipac provided practical and cost effective solutions for the stringent requirements of the Darwin Convention & Exhibition Centre project. AE Smith have continued to use Vipac since the successful completion of this project due to their high degree of expertise.”

AE Smith

“I’ve known Vipac staff since the opening of Crown Casino when I was Engineering Manager, and Vipac has been my Vibration Condition Monitoring “company of choice” since then for over 15 years at Crown Casino, Multiplex, University of Melbourne with excellent results. Vipac provides us with a real sense of trust and security and knowing how reliable they are and how good their work is, I could write quite a lot more.”

The University of Melbourne

“Vipac has been instrumental in assisting during the construction phase of the Mundaring Water Treatment Plant project.

Vipac has been Brookfield Multiplex’s preferred provider for environmental monitoring ranging from dust, to noise and vibration monitoring and modeling. As consultants for the $330M project, Vipac’s modeling of construction noise contours and noise management plan translated into tangible benefits of extended working hours for Brookfield multiplex and provided some assurance to the local Mundaring residents.

As this is a rare major development in the area which will service 33,000 rural town services through to Kalgoorlie, this project has demanded high levels of accuracy and trust, both of which Vipac always exceeded our expectations. Rob and his team have always been willing to help whenever the need arose and continuously deliver innovative solutions with high levels of efficiency. I look forward to an opportunity to work with the Vipac team again in the future.”

Brookfield Multiplex Australasia

“Vipac have proven that they have the skills, experience and equipment to conduct highly effective R&D work, and have been instrumental in the successful development and certification of our range of Kelvinator hot water systems, which include solar, gas, electric and heat pump water heaters.”


“Vipac did a great job… It was clear from the outset that Vipac knew its stuff – it’s easy to see why it is the leader in its field.”

Tricon Defence

“This was our first requirement, to have a device tested to such rigorous environmental requirements. Vipac assisted us in understanding which tests would best meet our needs and the worked with us to design the testing regime. We were very impressed with their professionalism, friendly service and ability to go above and beyond in helping us through the whole process. We would not hesitate in making use of their services again.”

CISTECH Solutions

See the Case Study on this Environmental Testing.

“It was most rewarding for me to have a chance to work with Vipac recently. The help I received broadened and increased in depth my understanding in vibrations phenomena for this project. I feel very glad we met and worked together, measuring and studying every inch of this ship. Looking forward to working again in future for the next project.”

Keppel Offshore & Marine- Offshore Technology Development (OTD)

“We used Vipac to assist us with assessing construction vibrations, which were critical in understanding the potential impact on nearby heritage structures.  Vipac were professional and flexible to the ever changing demands of the construction world.  They worked closely with us to design a monitoring approach and assisted us throughout the implementation phase. I’ll continue to work with Vipac for my future monitoring needs.”


“We thank Vipac for their company’s excellent service and advice. All our dealings were very professional and we were all impressed by Vipac’s support in guiding us through a complex CodeMark™ testing regime.”

Ozone Panel

“Vipac Engineers & Scientists (HK) Ltd excelled in their role as Acoustic Consultants for the proposed Auditorium Block at the Diocesan Boys’ School in 2012. We have no compunction in recommending them as competent and experienced Acoustic Consultants and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Thomas Chow Architects (TCA)

 “Vipac was invaluable in ensuring our gas product successfully went to market, providing much needed support every step of the way. Their response time was quick, their assessment highly accurate, their attention to detail meticulous and their customer service exceptional. They have been supportive from the testing to the certification. Thank you Vipac for being so supportive and responsive, and we look forward to using your services again.”

Bull Outdoor Products Inc.

“At Alex Fraser, our crushing plants must run at their best with minimum downtime, so we trust Vipac to ensure vibration and balance are maintained. I have found their technicians to be skilled and co-operative and will continue to use them.”

Alex Fraser Group

“Vipac handled our tank testing requirements with efficiency and their problem solving skills including advice at a manufacturing level was a life saver.”

Everlast Water Heaters

“We are extremely impressed with Vipac’s testing expertise and knowledge.  They have always performed well when completing our tasks no matter the type of testing or research required.  Versatility has been the key to our mutual success.”


“Thank you very much again for Vipac’s contributions and co-operations in achieving the successful requirements of ABS HAB+ onboard PPL Pacific Class 375 Rig Project P2018 – EMERALD DRILLER which is similar to Project P2005 – SOEHANAH built in 2007.”

PPL Shipyard

“I was most satisfied with your work during my stint as a Senior Project Engineer  for Keppel FELS Singapore and would now appreciate your kind advice on this noise study.”

Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine (N-KOM), Qata

“Thank you very much for completing the installation of the sensors on all the 8 AHU units at CSL Biotherapies. The report was great and I hear they are very happy. I would not be surprised if you are contacted to carry out further works at the CSL Privigen Plant in the very near future.”

Allstaff Airconditioning (VIC)

“Vipac’s Plumbing Products Laboratory have always been attentive to our needs, demonstrating technical competence and delivering in a timely manner.”

Methven Australia

“With Vipac, we felt we were in safe hands and could confidently leave the responsibility to their team of experts. They had a sound understanding of our needs, listened carefully and answered responsively.”

Hearth & Home Technologies

“Vipac’s test plans were so good that we will consider using them as templates for our other testing specialists. Thank you again!”

ABS Group

“Thank you for Vipac’s comprehensive report, it was a relief to find out how to address the major resonance issues and to learn about the source of recent failures. We will take note of your recommendations.”

Horizon Singapore Terminals Pvt Ltd

“When it comes to interpretation of equipment trending, Vipac’s reporting is always very precise with detailed comments about what has been damaged. When we did the work ourselves, we found exactly the same results highlighted by your engineers.”


For further details, please contact a Vipac representative.