Wind Engineering Services – Wind Loads & Effects on Buildings

    Vipac offers industry-leading Wind Engineering consulting services to architects, engineers, planners and developers to improve the quality of buildings and structures. By understanding how wind loads and buildings interact, you can lower material waste, reduce unnecessary costs and risks, and ensure a reliable design that offers occupancy comfort and structural safety.

    Click here to download Vipac’s Wind Engineering flyer.

    Wind Tunnel Test Lab 1

    Wind Engineering expert explaining Vipac’s testing capabilities to The Hon. Greg Hunt, 12 Dec 2016.

    Vipac’s state-of-the-art facilities

    • Two open-circuit boundary layer wind tunnels where natural wind is simulated for environments that range from open country to city centres.
    • An onsite model and fabrication centre where we make models of your development and surrounding area, typically at a scale of 1:400.
    • A full scale field testing site
    Wind Tunnel Test Lab 2

    [Left] Wind Engineering experts with The Hon. Greg Hunt inside Vipac’s Wind Tunnel. [Right] Vipac’s scale model of Dubai’s Princess Tower, which was the world’s tallest residential building at the time of construction.

    What tests do we offer?

    Desktop studies

    Wind tunnel testing


    Click here to download Vipac’s Wind Engineering flyer.

    Wind Engineering Pic 3

    Chairman Wendy Smith hosting a tour of Vipac’s Wind Engineering Test Labs for The Hon. Greg Hunt 12 Dec 2016.