Wind-Driven Rain

    Wind-driven rain is rain affected by the wind such that it does not fall straight down. It is considered one of the main sources of moisture penetrating building façades, adversely affecting their performance and durability. Wind-driven rain assessments help companies save thousands on building-related costs and maximise the use and profitability of public areas through pedestrian comfort.

    Vipac’s analysis of wind-driven rain and its effects on façades and pedestrians rely on a detailed study of meteorological data as well as an understanding of the wind flow patterns around the site. The effects of local architecture are also considered to determine the rain protection offered by the shelter.

    Vipac uses two methods within its analysis; experimental and empirical:

    Experimental Methods

    • Full-scale on-site measurements
    • Full-scale wind-tunnel testing of products
    • Reduced-scale wind-tunnel measurements.

    Empirical Methods

    • Wind-driven rain index
    • Wind-driven rain maps
    • Wind-driven rain relationship.

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