Gas Quality

Gas Quality & Odour Analysis

Vipac’s chemistry team provides analysis, sample collection and advice on the composition, heating value, contaminants, odour levels, water content and flammability of combustible, industrial, LPG and fuel gases.

  • Advice and analyses on natural gas supply and odourants
  • Recommendations on the effects of gas properties and energy content and the implications associated with gas quality changes
  • Fuel gas Calorimetry
  • Analyses and compliance of contract specification
  • Measurement and tracing of water in gas mains
  • Analyses of sulphur compounds in fuel based and environmental samples including odourants
  • Quality of Hydrocarbon feedstocks
  • Analyses of natural gas odourant levels in the distribution system
  • Gas leak investigations
  • The testing of gas atmospheres related to purging and safe entry certification

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