Agora Garden, Taipei, Taiwan

Features: A 21 storey luxury apartment building with a unique architectural design. The roof floor includes two clubhouses. The basement has underground parking as well as a swimming pool and other leisure facilities. The main shaft includes a heavy car lift that spans the building height.

Challenge:It’s unique shape and complex floor layout makes acoustic design a challenge, particularly for sound insulation between floors. The development is situated on a crossroad of two busy roads, so adequate prediction of traffic noise on the complex façade shape was necessary. The very heavy car lift presents noise and vibration challenges that require special attention.

Vipac’s role: To provide acoustic design in terms of sound insulation between different apartments as well as the room acoustic design of the common areas. To provide comprehensive noise and vibration control of general building services, as well as vibration control of the heavy car lift.

Benefit: Vipac’s expertise resulted in the delivery of a luxury residential building design with excellent acoustic comfort.

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