Ciputra World Theatre, Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia’s Premier Theatre

Project: Ciputra World Theatre

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Features: Occupying a 5.5-hectare area, Ciputra World consists of a theatre, mall, hotel, apartments, offices and museums.

Challenge: The 1,200-seat theatre is located high up on the 13th and 14th floors and it is within close proximity to a railway line. Also, the adjoining Front of House holds functions simultaneously.

Vipac’s Role: To ensure sound insulation between theatre and Front of House and to design the theatre acoustics for a wide range of events from church services to opera performances. Also, to provide attenuation of traffic noise using lightweight materials.

Benefit: Advised how to build the best theatre and multi-purpose function centre in Indonesia, utilising cost-effective materials and providing internal acoustic treatment that was invisible and thus did not compromise the theatre’s aesthetics.

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