Elizabeth Quay, Perth Waterfront Development

Features: This $2.6 billion project covers nearly ten hectares of prime riverfront land and features a 2.7 hectare inlet surrounded by a split level promenade with shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Challenges: To create a 25 year acoustic modelling forecast to reflect noise generated in the vibrant public space with restaurants and cafes, while also satisfying the noise requirements for occupants in nearby hotels and residences.

Vipac’s role:

  • Create acoustic modelling for existing traffic conditions to establish an understanding of the current noise environment;
  • Create acoustic modelling of the entire development for future road traffic conditions based on a 25 year traffic forecast;
  • Predict façade noise levels for the kiosks and key developments; and
  • Establish an acoustic database for the entire development with regards to environmental noise impact and acoustic comfort.

Benefit: Vipac advised on the development’s soundscape to facilitate the design of acoustically comfortable indoor and outdoor areas. This included acoustic modelling that enabled an understanding of how noise propagates along the elevation of a building, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment for its high-rise occupants.

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