Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Features: Spanning 250 acres of prime land by Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay is a key project underpinning the National Parks Board’s vision to transform Singapore into a Garden City. Gardens by the Bay consists of three waterfront gardens showcasing tropical horticulture and garden artistry.

Challenge: To ensure a suitable reverberation time in the huge conservatories where the hard glass building material rendered traditional acoustic treatment difficult. Also, to control the undesirably high sound levels of the indoor waterfall.

Vipac’s Role: To provide room acoustics, sound reinforcement design, sound insulation and noise control (mechanical plant and HVAC design).

Benefit: Vipac’s acoustic design optimised visitor comfort, helping designers with their aim to raise residents’ quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city. The expertise of Vipac’s international acoustics expert, Ms. Corinne Ballarini, was critical to the delivery of this project.

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