Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Features: Expansion of the Wan Chai Campus of the HKAPA with new accommodation for the various schools of the academy, including music, dance, drama, theatre and entertainment arts, and Chinese traditional theatre and Graduate Entertainment Centre.

Challenge: To ensure adequate sound insulation from traffic noise and adjacent noisy spaces for the tightly packed multi-purpose music teaching and practice rooms in the compact 9-storey building.

Vipac’s Role: Vipac ensured adequate sound insulation from traffic noise from the adjoining very busy road and adjacent noisy spaces as well as adequate noise control from building services noise. Vipac provided a high quality and flexible room acoustics solution for each teaching and practice space.

Benefit: The academy received a high class variable room acoustic design with cost-effective materials, optimising the acoustic comfort and maximising the potential of the limited teaching space.

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