Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System (SMRT)

Environmental Impact Assessments

Project: Land Transport Authority (LTA) Commissioned MRT Noise Study

Features: The Singapore Government’s LTA commissioned Vipac to measure MRT noise and its impact on noise sensitive premises along a 90m corridor.

Challenge: To ensure adequate MRT noise testing island-wide in Singapore to counter widespread noise complaints.

Vipac’s Role: To measure and predict noise levels and propose noise mitigation measures for both Government and privately owned buildings.

Benefit: Provided LTA with unequivocal data on the suitability of noise barriers in Singapore that supported LTA’s decision to commission them in three locations. This marks Singapore’s first implementation of noise barriers. These results are currently being applied in Kuala Lumpur’s Klang Valley project due to similar environmental impact assessments and effects on property prices and future development near train stations.

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