Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Singapore

Features: The proposed development will result from the twinning of a 700-bed acute hospital and 400-bed Jurong Community Hospital to provide holistic integrated care. It will comprise three blocks for high class, ordinary and specialised private practices.

Challenge: The existence of two acoustic designs for the one development, one for peace time operation and one for emergency and war time operation. Both designs with their different sets of acoustic parameters must work when required.

Vipac’s role: To provide building services noise control, noise insulation and room acoustic design. To specify the acoustic treatment required for different room functions, taking into account constraints relative to healthcare facilities (cleaning, impact and not particles generation).

Benefit: The acoustic system will ensure patients can rest well and recuperate faster, and minimise stress and fatigue levels of medical staff. Singaporean citizens will have the confidence that one of their main hospitals is prepared for emergency situations.

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