Windspeed Remote Monitoring System (WRMS)

Combining a love of technology with decades of proven experience, this new product provides live access to wind speed and direction from any internet enabled device. Assembled and distributed from our head office in Australia, the WRMS is an excellent site-safety tool, invaluable for high-rise building and construction sites, crane operators, marine infrastructure and beyond.

Stay on top of conditions

The windspeed remote monitoring system (WRMS) records and provides live access to windspeed conditions via any device that has Internet access.  This enables multiple users to simultaneously monitor and be automatically notified of dangerous wind conditions on site. The wind sensor connects to the Internet through the mobile cellular network. Data is collected by ViPAC and can be viewed by authorised personnel through ViPAC’s online services.

SMS and Email Alarms

Wind speed threshold exceedances can be configured as real-time SMS or email alarms.

All configuration can be performed through the secure-access website; no local access to the instrument is required.

The website and alarm states are highly customisable to suit any application, for example differing wind speed thresholds for different wind directions, or for different times throughout the day.

Remote Monitoring

Once powered, remote data collection may commence and all ViPAC online monitoring services will become active. These services are accessed via

Once logged in, the monitoring page will appear. Here the user may check the current wind conditions and whether they lie within the configured no-alarm, warning or danger zones. The monitoring page is divided into three main sections.


These are described below:

  • Wind speed status
    This section displays the current wind speed as a running average of the last n samples (see below) and the time at which this was calculated; a status indication of which zone the current reading lies within; and the configured warning and danger thresholds.
  • History
    This section displays a graph of the wind speed readings shown in the previous section, and serves to indicate current trends.
  • Settings
    This section is where the user may configure the thresholds for no-alarm, warning and danger indication; deadband, which is the amount below a danger or warning threshold that the average wind speed must drop before that danger or warning state is cleared; and the number of samples (n) over which the running average is to be calculated.

Download the Product Brochure to learn more about exciting extra features like relay modules, battery power and portable monitoring!

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