2017 Events Archive

SEER Calculator Webinar

11 April 2017

In 2017, we were delighted to introduce a user-friendly calculator we built for the Australian Government to evaluate the annual energy efficiency of Air Conditioners. Published on the Government’s Energy Rating website, Vipac’s tool provides Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) values that take into account your geographical location and environmental conditions, thereby encouraging manufacturers to create products that better suit a consumer’s location.

Click here to read the full story or here to view the webinar.

SAE-A’s latest ‘Modifying a Light Vehicle or Motorcycle’ seminar

27 April 2017

Vipac had the pleasure of speaking at the Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia’s (SAE-A) ‘Modifying a Light Vehicle or Motorcycle’ seminar, to a sell-out audience no less!

Our presentation covered the common ‘traps’ and Do’s and Don’ts of vehicle modifications, including an insight into the IM240 Emissions Test, pertinent to everyone involved with vehicle modification- from owners, modifiers and service technicians, to component suppliers and manufacturers.

If you couldn’t make it, click here to check out our slides, or here for the full story

A Visit from ELTHAM College

8 May 2017

There’s a lot more to engineering than building bridges. Mechanical engineers designed prosthetics to help amputees run and we have chemical engineers to thank for clean water and sanitation. To continue making rapid advancements that enhance our quality of life, we must cultivate curiosity and nurture the development of our youth. In May, we invited a Year 9 class from ELTHAM College to our facilities to complement their science curriculum and learn about Wind Engineering. Click here to read more.

Technology from Vipac’s subsidiary, AutoTest, puts crash investigators in the driver’s seat

17 November 2017

We were thrilled to feature on Channel 7 News when the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon Darren Chester MP, inspected our technology. AutoMonitor revolutionises heavy vehicle safety and is the brainchild of our subsidiary, AutoTest Products. Click here for the full story.

Vipac Hosts Standards Committee

8 December 2017

Our conference room resembled a UN meeting when over 30 delegates from 8 countries converged to discuss the ISO standards in the Solar Thermal area (Standards committee ISO/TC 180). We were honoured to host the event and to work in partnership with Standards Australia.

Click here to read about what we do in the Solar area.

AIOH 2017 Conference. What’s all the noise about?

20 December 2017

Our esteemed Brisbane colleagues made forays to Canberra to present two papers at the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) Conference.

This unique forum offered a chance to share successful techniques, approaches and practices designed to alleviate workplace health risks. Click here to read all about it.