Ensuring our vehicles withstand the test of time

Friday 16 March, 2018

As our lifestyles become more versatile, so too do our vehicles. And the new Sport Utility Bed (SUB) for pickups from Comtruk is no exception. Vipac’s engineers carried out vibration testing last December to assess whether the double-walled SUB would withstand a lifetime’s use.

Designed as a crossover system to suit both tradies and those with an active lifestyle, the SUB is the first item to be tested on Vipac’s latest Vibration Shaker, on par with the world’s top electrodynamic shakers due to its ability to test large payloads like satellite components and military hardware. This is one of the largest Shakers in Australia.

SUB Ute Tray Image

During testing, the SUB was subjected to high vibration loads in all three axes, ensuring that both on and off-road conditions were simulated. It is tests like this that reassure Australian consumers their families are in safe hands.

For decades, Vipac’s engineers have worked with household names on product compliance to demonstrate strength, versatility and functionality. By simulating real-world conditions in a controlled laboratory environment, they’ve been able to confirm whether vehicle parts would survive over the course of a lifetime.

While Vipac’s salt spray tests have verified if vehicles driven along ocean roads would suffer from salt corrosion, their vibration test systems have helped reassure clients, including Royalty, that vibration experienced in their private helicopter would not cause discomfort.

Engineers at Vipac continue to apply best industry practice to ensure their clients’ products and components are not only fit for purpose, but demonstrate a resistance to fatigue failure and are robust enough to withstand the test of time.

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