Vipac, a supplier of the Department of Defence, has delivered innovative solutions to help advance the Government’s communications and empower Australia to be puissant in combat.

Combining international expertise with local knowledge, Vipac was contracted to design and manufacture five Deployable Communications Shelters to support the capabilities of the Army deployed units.

The Shelters will provide integrated information environments to extend the distribution of tactical signals during conflict. Operating in a secured remote area, they are designed to improve the Department’s expanded high frequency network by providing environmentally sustainable spaces to protect its fixed components.

Utilising Vipac’s design experience, a team of engineers modified five brand new 10 feet shipping containers to create self-contained radio rooms and store base radios, radiating components of the paging system, transmitters, network switches and GPS transponders.

Each shelter is fitted with environmental controls and a power distribution system. They are also transportable and can be moved using conventional methods of transportation.

Military communications are critical during times of warfare, intelligence-gathering and interactions between adversaries. With the help of Vipac’s niche engineering services, they will hold our Defence in good stead, expediting effective communications and helping to protect our country.

Vipac modified five shipping containers and created transportable radio rooms aimed at improving communications during combat.