Sound System Design

Sound quality is often cited as a leading source of a successful event. Speech intelligibility and sound clarity are of paramount importance in any conference, concert, ballroom, exhibition or large sports event. Sound systems can be designed to address the acoustical needs of an event space and control noise intrusions, thus maximising the enjoyment of the desired music or sound.

Vipac offers acoustic consulting services in sound system design and visual-audio systems, as well as building acoustic design and noise and vibration control.

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Vipac has completed many sound system designs, for a range of notable landmarks.

Vipac has completed many sound system designs for a range of landmark venues. From left to right: Hamer Hall, Melbourne. Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong. Keong Emas IMAX Theatre, Jakarta.

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Sound System Services

We are involved in the design, specification and commissioning of sound systems ranging from simple public address systems to large sports venue facilities. We aim to;

  • enhance sound elements, including dynamics manipulation and frequency shifting
  • improve reverberation (RT60) and speech intelligibility
  • ensure speech privacy
  • optimise peak output capability and performance metrics
  • strengthen noise controls

Sound System Specifications

Our expert sound engineers review your sound system’s needs with consideration to the predicted usage, in particular your audience sizes and frequency of use. Once a needs analysis is complete, we determine the technical specifications of your sound system, review tenders and complete on-site commissioning and installation.

When we are designing your complete sound system, we take into account the following critical requirements to develop the ultimate design in surround sound;

  • absolute sustained sound level with no clipping
  • uniformity of coverage (e.g. loudspeaker coverage)
  • optimal frequency response covering the range from 20 hertz to 12,000 hertz
  • channel separation
  • distortion
  • power amplifier size and sound pressure level (SPL)
  • signal-to-noise ratio
  • direct-to-reverberant ratio

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Sound System Design Acoustic

Vipac’s sound system designs aim to improve speech intelligibility and sound coverage.

Designing spaces for acoustic reverberation

We design spaces to achieve the desired acoustic reverberation for the use of this space, by;

  • calculating the anticipated reverb times, based on the coefficient of the sound absorption of the new coverage area and venue’s existing surfaces
  • recommending mitigation measures to fine tune the sound absorption and reverberation time, including the installation of additional acoustical materials

What other acoustical consultancy services does Vipac offer?

  • Reverberation control and comfort
  • Internal noise level
  • Acoustic quality (within spaces) and soundproofing
  • Sound masking systems
  • Environmental noise
  • Structural dynamics & vibration analysis.
  • Architecture design of walls, floors and ceilings to control noise between spaces

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For explanation of Acoustic terms please see Acoustic Glossary.